Author: joannereid

Nov 30

Tax Deductions for Trucking Business

The transport industry is occupied with a lot of expenses. The expenses rise so fast and thus controlling all of them can be a big challenge in front of the proprietors running a transport enterprise. The meal as well as accommodation expenses, and other costs become challenging for the transport market. Because of this, savings […]

Sep 08

Using a Routing Software in Your Business

The routing software program is specifically intended to reduce time to meet client’s needs more proficiently. With this navigation software, you can get access to the current fuel prices quite very easily. This software program aids you in lessening the non-mileage revenue by pre-planning the hours of mid-breaks also. It enables the truckers to access […]

Aug 11

How to Manage IFTA Fuel Tax Charges In Transport Business

The higher fuel taxes would help attain specific goals. The costs of fuel taxes are raised to reduce the demand for petroleum. By reducing the fuel usage, individuals will use the technology to substitute the fuel. The most crucial disadvantages of higher fuel taxes are that they’re conservative. “Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” […]

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